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While cases of mpox (formerly called monkeypox) have declined in Santa Clara County and the United States, the outbreak is not over. Recently, Chicago has reported 23 mpox cases since April 2023. As noted in a health alert from Chicago, which reported the first 12 confirmed and one probable cases from this cluster, nine out the first 13 (69%) cases were fully vaccinated. For the nine out of 13 cases for which travel history was available, four had traveled recently (three traveled within the US, one traveled out of the country). None ...

HEALTH ADVISORY: Monkeypox Update Regarding Testing, Isolation, Treatment, and Vaccination

Situational Update The monkeypox virus (MPX) epidemic continues to impact residents of Santa Clara County As of August 23, there are over 41,000 cases in 95 countries reported globally, 15,433 cases reported in the US, and 2663 cases reported in California. The County of Santa Clara has identified 117 cases among its residents. As seen throughout California and the US, County of Santa Clara cases continue to predominantly occur among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men and among transgender individuals, spreading through either sexual contact or other intimate skin-on-skin contact. ...