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A Consistent Influence

For more than 100 years, the SCCMA has been a
constant voice for the local medical community

SCCMA Committees

Chair: Gloria Wu, MD
Staff: Angelica Cereno
To select and nominate to Council the prospective recipients of the Association’s annual awards.

Chair: Sonya Misra, MD & Michael Nisco, MD
Staff: Emily Coren
To educate its members regarding bioethical decision making, discuss bioethical issues and develop guidelines, advise government and industry leaders regarding the ethical aspects of health care policy, and interact with other professional organizations.

CMA Delegates and Alternates
Chair: Niki Saxena, MD
Staff: Erin Henke, CAE
To represent the Santa Clara County Medical Association in the House of Delegates of the California Medical Association.

Chair: Anlin Xu, MD
Staff: Erin Henke, CAE
The Council shall be the governing body of the Medical Association and shall constitute its Board of Directors. It shall transact all business of the Association.

Diversity, Health Equity and Inclusion Task Force
Chair: TBD
Staff:  Erin Henke, CAE
The DHEI Task Force will develop a framework and recommendations to ensure the implementation and full integration of DHEI principles throughout SCCMA.

Executive Committee
Chair: Anlin Xu, MD
Staff: Erin Henke, CAE
To serve as the Executive Committee of the Council and exercise general supervision over the work of all officers and divisions, and report thereon to the Council. It may take emergency action or other action on business not requiring Council action.

Environmental Health
Chairs: Steve Jackson, MD and Cindy Russell, MD
Staff: Emily Coren
To investigate and study environmental and public health concerns in order to make recommendations to the Council for Medical Association support and/or action.

External Affairs
Chair: Christine Doyle, MD
Staff: Emily Coren
To serve as the Association’s liaison to legislators and to governmental bodies which interact significantly with the delivery of medical care and the public health.

Member Services
Chair: Sam Wald, MD
Staff: Angelica Cereno
To supervise the services the Association provides for its members, and to explore and develop additional services which will assist the Association’s members.

Chair: Randal Pham, MD
Staff: Angelica Cereno
To increase the membership of the Association by soliciting the applications of physicians whom it deems eligible; to investigate all applications for membership and report thereon to the Council; and to conduct all activities that pertain to the induction of new members and to changes in classification of members.

Chair: Clifford Wang, MD
Staff: Erin Henke, CAE
To nominate one or more candidates for each elective office of the Association for election at the Annual Business Meeting.

Physician Wellness
Chairs: Jyoti Rau, MD and Jerry Callaway, MD
Staff: Angelica Cereno
To assist member physicians with problems of substance abuse, and/or mental or physical illness, which impair his/her ability to practice medicine.

Professional Standards/Conduct
Chair: Lewis Osofsky, MD
Staff: Emily Coren
To promote high ethical standards for physicians, and to investigate and attempt to conciliate disputes involving unethical and/or unprofessional conduct by physicians in the community.

Public Health and Community Outreach
Staff:  Angelica Cereno
The mission of Public Health and Community Outreach Committee is to improve community health, access to care for all, and wellness for patients and physicians. This is achieved through public/private collaborations and funding programs that are selected on their ability to target urgent health needs affecting a large or disadvantaged segment of our community.