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Enviornmental Health Webinar Series

The Earth Has a Fever: A Physician's Perspective on Climate Change
by Dr. Santosh Pandipati

Profitable Climate Protection with a Disruptive Energy Future
by Amory Lovins

Children and Technology: 
Schools, Screens and Covid 19

by Nicholas Kardaras, Ph.D., LCSW-R, Dr. Victoria Dunckley,  Joe Clement and Matt Miles, authors of "Screen Schooled" 

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Originally Aired April 22, 2021

Originally aired May 6, 2021

Children's Environmental Health

By: Dr. Philip Landrigan

Food and the Environment: How Our Modern Food System Affects Our Health, Planetary Health and Opportunities for Change

By: Ted Schettler & Courtney Crenshaw


Originally aired May 20, 2021







Originally aired June 3, 2021


































Diversity and Inclusion Webinar Series

Understanding and Dismantling Implicit Bias in Patient Care 
Dr. Danielle Hairston  

Eradicating Gender Bias in Medicine
Dr. Arghavan Salles

Originally aired September 3, 2020

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Originally aired September 10, 2020

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Minorities in Medicine: A Look at Physician Diversity 
Dr. Keith Carter 

Health Equity, Resilience, and Leadership in Time of Crisis
Dr. Rhea Boyd  

Originally aired September 17, 2020

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Originally aired September 24, 2020

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