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Diversity, Health Equity and Inclusion

DHEI Task Force Call for Volunteers

December 8, 2020

SCCMA strives to be an organization that is mindful of—and responsive to—the diversity of its employees, members and patient populations. Diversity, inclusion and equity are integral and inherent to the success of SCCMA.  We are committed to fostering an environment that honors and ensures diversity, equity and inclusion. The DHEI Task Force will develop a framework and recommendations to ensure the implementation and full integration of DHEI principles throughout SCCMA. The Task Force reports to the full Council.


  • Develop DHEI guiding principles for Board approval
  • Add DHEI to core values for the Association
  • Establish a case statement, short and long-term goals and a work plan for integrating DHEI principles and practices throughout SCCMA
  • Create a “DHEI road map” that provides a clear definition, metrics and guidance on SCCMA’s ongoing efforts to achieve and maintain diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Identify opportunities to leverage best practices in the review of existing policies, practices, processes and communications and recommend changes
  • Advise the Council on strategies and metrics for volunteer recruitment and increase engagement of diverse groups that are under-represented in the organization:
    • To increase the number of under-represented populations in the composition of membership
    • To expand outreach to under-represented populations for pursuing physician careers
    • Promote pipeline, mentorship, and career development activities

Interested physicians, residents and students, please call or email SCCMA CEO April Becerra to learn more and add your name as a potential member of the task force.  Email is and direct phone number is 408-998-8850 ext 3024.


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