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Public Health Update on COVID-19 Vaccine and PREP/PEP Treatments to Prevent HIV

The CDC recommends that individuals who are HIV positive receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Those who are negative but taking the drug Truvada as part of a PREP or PEP HIV prevention strategy should also receive the COVID-19 vaccine. There is no known negative interaction with any of the three vaccines and HIV medications. This information comes from individuals who were taking Truvada during the vaccines’ trials, as well as those vaccinated since authorization. The use of the HIV medication Truvada as a form of Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) or Post-exposure prophylaxis ...

Community Physicians Critical to Next Phase of COVID-19 Vaccination Effort

Many people have already taken advantage of the availability of COVID-19 vaccine at large community sites. However, some patients have expressed the desire to wait until their own doctor can provide the vaccine and discuss concerns they have about the vaccine. Surveys have shown that people trust their own doctor to help them to make important decisions about their health. Physicians can now easily enroll as a COVID-19 vaccine provider and offer the vaccination in their own office. Many physicians and their office staff are already promoting COVID-19 vaccination as ...