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SCCMA/MCMS Members Lead at CMA’s Legislative Advocacy Day


The California Medical Association kicked off its 44th Annual Legislative Advocacy Day on April 18th. The SCCMA and MCMS has approximately 30 physicians, residents and students who joined over 500 California physicians, residents and medical students to meet with legislators to share their voice and concern over AB 3087.  With a record turnout of physician leaders and a unified voice advocating around the potential negative impact of AB 3087, it was a tremendously successful day at the Capitol.

The day kicked off with a briefing delivered by Janus Norman, CMA’s Senior Vice President, Centers for Government Relations and Political Operations, regarding the harmful impacts of AB 3087, a bill that was introduced on Monday, April 9, 2018, by Assemblymember Ash Kalra (D-San Jose). Assembly Bill 3087 would establish an undemocratic, government-run commission with nine political appointees who would unilaterally set the price for all medical services that are not already controlled by the government, essentially eliminating commercial healthcare markets in California.

The SCCMA, MCMS members visited with Assembly members Ash Kalra and Mark Stone, co-sponsors of the bill.  Additionally, we spoke to nearly all of our County representatives delivering a unified and focused message on opposing the bill and educating lawmakers on the consequences of passing such a bill.    

As a physician and member of SCCMA and MCMS, you have a strong and credible voice that can be used in defeating dangerous legislation that would harm your practice and patients. We must continue to educate our lawmakers on the detrimental consequences of this bill on our healthcare system.

Leg Day provides a unique opportunity for physician members to go to the Capitol throughout the day to meet with legislators on a variety of healthcare issues affecting communities and healthcare practices throughout the state. We hope you consider joining us in 2019 so our elected representatives can hear directly from you.  

How you can help now –

CMA is requesting that physicians take this survey to provide feedback on how price fixing would affect your practice, so they may provide compelling data to legislators to stop AB 3087.

You may also take action here and contact your legislators directly. Please share this message with your colleagues.



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