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City of San Jose Office of Retirement Services Seeking Proposals from Board Certified Physicians for Disability Medical Evaluations

The Boards of Administration for the City of San José Federated City Employees’ Retirement System and Police & Fire Department Retirement Plan (“Boards”) are seeking proposals from qualified medical evaluation services firm/individuals or Board certified physicians who specialize in disability medical evaluations.
The Office of Retirement Services (“ORS”) in coordination with the Boards processes approximately 80 disability application-related transactions each year and requires the services of an established disability medical evaluation services firm/individual or physician(s) with a desired expertise in Occupational Medicine who will: 1) provide medical expertise in assisting the Boards in determining and selecting the appropriate medical specialties required to evaluate each applicant’s disability; 2) provide access to a comprehensive network of examining physicians covering a broad range of medical specialties; 3) provide scheduling services to promptly schedule medical appointments with the appropriate examining physicians; 4) provide report preparation services to promptly provide clear, concise, written reports from each examining physician's disability medical evaluation; and, 5) provide appropriate physician to attend required meetings to discuss report.  The successful firm/individual may also provide supplemental "Ad Hoc" services related to the disability medical evaluation services.

The RFP may be downloaded from the Biddingo solicitation posting system. Proposers must register with Biddingo at Closing Date: 04/30/2021 04:00:00 PM PT

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