Thursday, July 18, 2019
Advocacy Overview


Government policies affect virtually every aspect of the practice of medicine, making political advocacy one of the most important activities our medical associations engage in on behalf of physicians and patients. Government policies affect how physicians staff and equip medical offices, how they bill for services, how much physicians get paid for services, the cost of professional liability insurance, the manner in which health plans treat patients and physicians, the availability of health care resources in our community, and the affordability of health care insurance, just to name a few.

As a physician, you are in a unique position to offer advice to lawmakers about specific legislation affecting the medical profession. You can also help increase patient access to the important services that physicians provide. It is not only the right thing to do, so that your patients’ interests are best served, but it is also good for the stability of the medical profession.

The following is information on SCCMA/MCMS/CMA legislative advocacy activities. Call Jean Cassetta at 408/998-8850 ext. 3010 to become involved or for more information.

CMA House of Delegates

To represent the SCCMA or MCMS in the House of Delegates of the California Medical Association.

External Affairs

To serve as the Association’s liaison to legislators and to governmental bodies which interact significantly with the delivery of medical care and the public health.

Legislative Leadership Conference

Each spring, the CMA hosts the annual Legislative Leadership Conference in Sacramento, a stimulating and memorable program in which physicians have the opportunity to discuss current issues in health care face-to-face with local elected officials in the Assembly and Senate.

Lunch With Legislators

Physicians interested in being informed of committee meetings to which a legislator or legislative candidate has been invited.

Political Action Committees

Our political action committees help elect candidates who share our perspective and who are likely to promote legislative positions supported by the medical profession when elected. Our effectiveness is dependent on the degree of support we receive from physicians in the community.

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